Updated and Printable How-To Guide from the Pros

Updated and Printable How-To Guide from the Pros

As mentioned in my introductory post last month, this site is designed to augment collective NGO and business community efforts leveraging financial markets to reduce climate risk, making it easier to invest fossil fuel free, and accelerating the clean energy transition.

When a new resource is produced toward that end, like an updated and printable guide to fossil fuel free investing from movement vanguards, we’re excited to share it with you and other carbon-conscious investors.

Last week, Green Century Capital Management, Trillium Asset Management and 350.org released Make a Clean Break: Your Guide to Fossil Fuel Free Investing. Spoiler: this guide is useful whether you invest on your own, with support from a Financial Advisor, or through an employer-sponsored retirement account.

An update to previous 2014 and 2013 versions, Make a Clean Break offers easy and actionable steps to moving your personal investment dollars into better alignment with your values.

Key Highlights?

  • Thoughtful intros from Bill McKibben of 350.org, Leslie Samuelrich of Green Century Capital Management and Matt Patsky of Trillium Asset Management;
  • A sketch of where divestment and investment fit into the movement advocacy big picture;
  • A short list of repeatable reasons to get out of coal, oil and gas companies including insight based on current financial analysis;
  • Seven pillars of reinvestment in solutions-oriented companies with informative details, case studies and perspective on shareholder value;
  • Additional How-To resources;
  • A clearer picture of the differences between ESG, SRI, fossil fuel free and low carbon investing.

I encourage investors interested in sustainable and fossil free investing to read, use and share Make a Clean Break. In a world where money talks, and at a time when fossil fuel interests have arguably unprecedented influence over federal policies, it is more important than ever to pull on every accessible lever to move hearts, minds and markets.

Vanessa Green
Vanessa Green

Director, DivestInvest Individual

A seasoned grassroots leader, Vanessa has directed the campaign engaging individual investors in the global DivestInvest movement since June 2014. She has played lead roles with Clean Water Action, the National Diesel Clean-Up Campaign, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the Boston Cyclists Union, and Rainforest Action Network. She holds dual Masters degrees in Social & Political Ethics from Utrecht University and the Norwegian School of Science and Technology. Since December 2016, she has been coordinating efforts across 45+ organizations in the US and Europe, focusing consumer and investor pressure on banks that finance fossil fuels and other industries destructive to people and communities.