From Divest to ReInvest Redux

From Divest to ReInvest Redux

Our goal with this platform is to bring you the best tools, resources and perspective on how to move your money out of the fossil fuel economy and into a clean and equitable energy future.

Earlier this summer we were excited and honored to participate in a webinar with partners from the Climate Justice Alliance and the Reinvest in Our Power CampaignThe Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit UnionEnlace, The Southern Reparations Loan Fund, and the Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project. Together we sketched out some pathways from Divestment – from banks that fund fossil fuel companies and infrastructure projects, funds that invest in climate chaos, and more – to a clean, sustainable and regenerative economy for all. It was one of our favorite conversations so far, and we hope more people will see, hear and learn from it.

I strongly recommend watching the whole webinar (about an hour) and downloading the full set of slides. Both of those resources are at the end of this post and include links, people, business and investment ideas you may find useful. If you have only minutes to spare, check out our quick redux package: an 8-minute video summarizing the DivestInvest Individual portion of the presentation, and a shorter packet of just 6 slides with links to more resources and reading.

Watch the video

View the slides

View the entire 1-hour webinar below or click here to download all partner slides.