Divest Your Personal Finances Toolkit

Divest Your Personal Finances Toolkit

Most major banks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, 401(k)s, pensions and other retirement accounts are still investing in fossil fuels among other risky and socially irresponsible industries. Fortunately, millions of people worldwide are seeking, and in some cases creating, alternative financial homes for their cash and savings. Consumer demand and innovative entrepreneurship are accelerating shifts in the supply of values-based financial institutions and investment vehicles.

With focused effort, you can ensure that your money’s impact reflects your values and builds an economy that serves people, communities and planet. This toolkit shows you where and how to take more control over, responsibility for, and pride in where your money sits and flows.

Moving Your Money Matters
Whether you identify as an “investor” or not, your banking and investment choices can have a negative or positive impact on society and the environment. You can maximize the positive and minimize the negative, including reducing the financial, economic and physical risks of abrupt and irreversible climate change. In fact, consumers are driving greater market transparency, disclosure, sustainability and accountability.

There are several compelling reasons to move your money out of banks and other financial institutions and vehicles that fund fossil fuel companies and infrastructure like pipelines, refineries and export terminals. Equally compelling are the many reasons to move your money into banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions and vehicles that support a clean and equitable energy transition, local economic development, fair housing, sustainable food systems, and more.

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Watch a 3 minute video explaining Carbon Risk and the Carbon Bubble. Review current financial analyses of fossil fuel divestment from MSCI, Aperio Group and Advisor Partners. Learn about what it means to keep justice forefront as our energy and economic landscapes shift in “Just Transition” – Just What Is It?

Vanessa Green
Vanessa Green

Director, DivestInvest Individual

A seasoned grassroots leader, Vanessa has directed the campaign engaging individual investors in the global DivestInvest movement since June 2014. She has played lead roles with Clean Water Action, the National Diesel Clean-Up Campaign, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the Boston Cyclists Union, and Rainforest Action Network. She holds dual Masters degrees in Social & Political Ethics from Utrecht University and the Norwegian School of Science and Technology. Since December 2016, she has been coordinating efforts across 45+ organizations in the US and Europe, focusing consumer and investor pressure on banks that finance fossil fuels and other industries destructive to people and communities.