Holding Banks Accountable for Financing Fossil Fuels

Holding Banks Accountable for Financing Fossil Fuels

More and more investors and financial consumers are paying attention to the role that big banks play in deepening the climate crisis via their financing of fossil fuel companies and infrastructure projects.

Thanks to widespread Indigenous-led efforts to bring global attention to the financial relationships that make the local devastation of infrastructure projects like DAPL and other tar sands pipelines possible, the fossil fuel divestment conversation has expanded beyond its original focus on the top 200 coal, oil and gas companies by reserves.

Banks can shift their energy finance policies into alignment with respect for the earth, her natural systems, and the Indigenous and other frontline communities most impacted by the fossil fuel industries and climate change. Several banks have begun to do so, as a result of a combination of pressures generated by financial activism and on the ground activism – and we need more banks to go further.

That’s where you, your values, your money and your action can help accelerate the pace of change.

Watch the recording of our recent dynamic webinar with partners As You Sow Mazaska Talks, Rainforest Action Network, OpenInvest, Appleseed Capital, and Change Finance to learn more about how protests and construction site disruptions, shareholder engagement, divestment and investment strategies are adding up to hold big banks accountable.

Make sure you stay tuned to the end, where the discussion opens up around what we can do in the next year to take financial activism to the next level! And feel free to click here or scroll all the way to the end of the post to view or download the slide deck if you want to contact any of the presenters or find our more about their work, links and contact information are included in the slides.

Part 1 of presentation

Due to a technical error, the first few minutes of the call were not recorded. We’ve re-recorded the presentation by Alison Kirsch, and encourage you to check out Mazaska talks for more info on Jackie’s work and the upcoming day of action October 23-25. The the later two-thirds of the conversation from the 29th are below.

Part 2 of presentation

Slides: Click here to view/download at your own pace.