Why Are Concrete Companies Investing In Concrete Substitutes And Their Benefits?

The concrete is produced using cement mixed with other materials. The use of concrete has a very harmful impact on society and the environment. It omits almost 8% of carbon dioxide. They not only contribute to global warming but also acidification and eutrophication. Concrete is also termed the most destructive element on the earth.


The extraction and processing of the raw material used for the construction of concrete cause many problems. The primary loss is the landscape degradation and loss of agricultural land. It also leads to the degradation of natural resources. All these are the reasons that cause the concrete industries to invest in their substitutes. So that they can cause less harm to nature and get maximum benefits. Below mentioned are some of the substitutes that can be used in place of the concrete company:




  • Green concrete
  • Accrete
  • Blast furnace slag
  • Micro silica


All these are eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to concrete. Therefore, it became essential for these companies to invest in these materials. Also, the procedure by which the concrete is produced is harmful to humans. But these materials do not cause any harm to human life.


Benefits of using the substitutes of the concrete


  • Decrease The cost


The production process of the concrete is so costly and causes damage to the environment. High usage of natural resources makes them costly as compared to its substitutes. If we choose other materials in place of the concrete, then we have to pay less for them. Therefore, we will save a lot of money by discarding the concrete.


  • More sustainable


However, we cannot say that they do not harm the environment. On the other hand, we cannot deny that they cause less harm to the environment than concrete. Also, research on these materials is going on to make their impact almost negligible on the environment.


  • Require very little maintenance


If we use any other material except concrete, we do not need to look after them very much. These materials require significantly less maintenance. If we construct our house using concrete, then we have to keep it wet. Also, you will have to face many more problems when you use concrete, especially the problem of wetness even after many years of its use. You have to give the concrete construction proper time to dry. All its substitutes had overcome these problems.


The ending words


So these are the reasons why it became necessary for the companies to find substitutes. However, everyone loves it if they get more convenience at a lower price. The same happens here. The benefits that you can derive by using the Green concrete, Ashcrete, Blast furnace slag, Micro silica, etc., are many more. Still, a lot of research is needed to make all these products more beneficial for the users. If you are also deciding to construct a property, then you can ask your contractor to replace the concrete with other material.


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